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SCR Pro 2 is an app that lets you record everything that appears on your Android device’s screen. You can choose from several resolution options, different encoder types, and of course, different sound sources. That said, if you only want to record the sound of your device, you’ll need root privileges. If you don’t have it routed, you’ll be only able to tape the sound of the microphone. SCR Pro 2 is very easy to use. If you Push the button once, you’ll start recording, and then you just need to shut down the screen (with the device’s button) to stop recording.

The file will be stored in a folder that you can select using the setup options. In these options you can also find some other interesting actions, like the possibility of showing when you touch the screen. SCR Pro 2 is an excellent recording app that uses very little resources and offers very good results. Thanks to it you can record gameplay videos and take screenshots of any app.

Features of SCR Pro 2 Androi APK

  • Video screen recording
  • Audio recording
  • Capture your mobile screen and save is as an image
  • Edit your recorded videos
  • Store all videos and images you have captured

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