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ROBLOX APK 2.289.119787

ROBLOX APK is an Android App that lets the players to exploring a lot of games which is created by the ROBLOX community of the developers and builders. Furthermore, the players are also allowed to visit everything from the adventures and also the role-playing games for the battle arenas and the first person shooters on the phones or tablets. Moreover, the players are also allowed to join the similar games as the friends playing on Android even the others type of the devices also. Additionally, the game is available for free means that this can be downloaded without any payments. Moreover, it is released updates regularly for improving the game-play, graphics, and also adds several of new features.


The features are variously which include play the games, purchasing the android exclusive items for the characters, customizing the character appearance, using the Google play store gift card for purchasing the builder club and ROBUX, exchange the messages and chats with the others friends. By playing this game, the players are allowed for creating their own game which is available for the others to be played. Visit the worlds and the play games of the different genres are created by the others player. Also, you can also level up the characters. In other words, ROBLOX for Android application allows people to create their own virtual worlds.

Since you can play it with the others player, ROBLOX requires the presence of internet connection which can connect you to the others around the worlds. However, you have to download it firstly and you have to know the types of your device which will be appropriated with the apk files. Luckily, there are numerous websites on the internet which provide this game to be downloaded in free. Pick the one which is not visited by lots of people since it will make slow loading.

Features of ROBLOX APK for Android

  • play paintball with your friends, run a pizza shop
  • find hidden treasures, battle forces of evil
  • outmaneuver enemy jets, battle pirates
  • race opponents through obstacle courses
  • combat zombies, star in a fashion show
  • play hide and seek


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File size: 51.7 MB, Free Game by ROBLOX Corporation, Updated: May 4, 2017


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