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Pipe Trades Pro Calculator Android APK

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Advanced Pipe Trades Math calculator for Android

The Pipe Trades Pro calculator for Android Smartphone or Tablet calculates instant answers for all your pipe layout and design problems, including complex rolling offsets, parallel pipe cutbacks, weight/volume conversions, flow rates, pressures, areas and more. And while perhaps obvious, if you change from an Android device to an iPhone or iPad, you WILL need to buy a new license as they are incompatible.

If you’ve ever used a smartphone to look up pipe data or do a pipe layout calculation, you’ll like this calculator app. With the Pipe Trades Pro calculator you’ll spend less time calculating and looking at charts and more time cutting, welding and placing pipe—makes cutbacks and offsets easy with built-in welding, pipefitter and plumbing calculations.

Great time saving tool for Pipefitters, Steamfitters, Sprinklerfitters and Welders

– Cut Lengths, Take-outs and Odd-Degree Fittings
– Right Angles, Offsets, and Complex Rolling Offsets
– Calculate Fitting Angles, Bends, Slopes, Percent Grades, Drops
– Calculate Parallel Pipe Cutbacks
– Feet-Inch-Fractions and Trigonometry
– Pipe Areas, Fill Weights
– Calculate Flow Rates, Velocity, Force, Volumes
– Calculate Pressure Loss for any Pipe Size, Type or Distance
– Complete Building, Plumbing and Metric Unit Conversions

Built-in Pipe Data
– Choose a Pipe Material and Pipe Type and enter Size (up to 42-inches) in the calculator and get Diameters, Wall Thickness, Filled Weight per Foot, Internal Area.
– Seven different Pipe Materials: Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass, Aluminum, Cast Iron, Plastic, Copper.

For: Pipefitters, Steamfitters, Sprinklerfitters and Welders
New menu/navigation, Factory Reset moved to Preferences, new “What’s New” one-time automatic view on first launch of new install or first launch after an update.

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