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LED Control [ROOT] APK – Now LED Control [ROOT] for Android is available on PlayStore. And this android app is updated into the new version. Download the latest version of LED Control [ROOT] .APK file

LED Control [ROOT] Android APK

Download LED Control [ROOT] Android APK


Version: 1.3.5

Publish Date: 2016-02-04

Requirement: Android 4.3+

Vote: 1206

APK description:

Turn your phone’s LED into a charging indicator!

*Does NOT support Samsung/LG/Asus/others phones. Only for Motorola devices.*

Didn’t know that your Nexus 6/Moto X has an LED? You’ll be hooked!
Use this app to select kernel specific “charging triggers” for the device’s LED which will make it light up when plugged in depending on the specific charging triggers.



· Motorola Google Nexus™ 6
· Motorola Moto™ X (2013)
· Motorola Moto™ G (2013)
· Motorola Moto™ E
· Motorola Droid™ MAXX/Ultra


· Motorola Moto™ X2/G2
· Non – Motorola devices

This app MIGHT work on your MOTOROLA device even if it is not listed here, although it is not recommended to be installed on devices other than those in the Supported Devices list, because those are the devices on which it has been tested.

Please understand that if it doesn’t work on your device I cannot magically make it work (eg. Moto X 2nd Gen.) and refrain from leaving poor ratings. Thank you.


· Clean, simple, Material Design inspired UI
· Brightness Slider: Control your ‘charging’ LED’s brightness while charging, if your device supports it. Currently works only on Moto X and Nexus 6.
· Set On Boot: Automatically sets the last chosen trigger on a reboot, since the values are reset each time the kernel restarts. Available in Pro version only.
· LED Color: Choose between 3 LED colors if your device supports it (Nexus 6, Droid Ultra, Moto X). Available in Pro version only.
NOTE: This feature is still in development and the implementation is not perfect, so you may encounter bugs. If so, kindly report them to instead of leaving bad ratings. Thank you!

• AVAILABLE TRIGGERS: (Varies by device)

· While Charging
· While Charging through Adapter
· Battery Full
· While Charging or Battery Full
· While Charging (Blnking) or Battery Full
· While connected to USB
· When Bluetooth is enabled
· When Display is on
· On Internal Storage I/O Activity
· On External Storage I/O Activity
· When flashlight (rear LED) is on
· When camera flash (rear LED) is on
· Always on

*** If you haven’t heard of root access your device is probably not rooted ***


This app is open source! Grab it here :

This app has the potential of blocking your notification LED if you use a Moto G/ Moto E (a separate LED blinks just beside the dedicated charging LED but you might not notice it).
Please be aware that I (KDB), nor Google Inc. nor anyone but you yourself are responsible for the consequences of you missing an important notification due to this app.

Send your feedback about this app to

· “Nexus” is a registered trademark of Google Inc.
· “Moto” is a registered trademark of Motorola Mobility LLC
· “Droid” is a registered trademark of Lucasfilm Ltd. and a registered brand name of Verizon Wireless

New in Version 1.3.5:
• Bug fixes

New in Version 1.3.4:
• Fixed link to Pro version
• General bug fixes

New in Version 1.3.3:
• Fixed a bug causing a ‘rate’ dialog popping up on every app start

New in Version 1.3.2:
• Hotfix for a bug with root access request wheel on pre-Lollipop devices

LED Control [ROOT] Android APK Old Version

  • Not Available

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