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Heroes and Dragons – Hack and Slash RPG APK – Now Heroes and Dragons – Hack and Slash RPG for Android is available on PlayStore. And this android app is updated into the new version. Download the latest version of Heroes and Dragons – Hack and Slash RPG .APK file

Heroes and Dragons – Hack and Slash RPG Android APK

Download Heroes and Dragons – Hack and Slash RPG Android APK


Version: 1.2.4

Publish Date: 2019-02-10

Requirement: Android 4.1+

Vote: 26

APK description:

An Epic Campaign
From little spiders to enormous dragons, experience an epic campaign in this f2p fantasy fighting game. Adventure through fields, caves, mountains and volcanoes to complete quests and engage in combat with powerful bosses.

14 Classes become one
Instead of selecting a single class for your character to play through the whole game you can switch between classes at the guild hall and play them all. As each classes stats grow and they unlock new skills some of these stats and skills will be shared with other classes. So as you gain strength and power with one class like a rogue or warrior, you also gain strength and power on other classes such as the knight or mage.

Whilst some stats and skills are shared, each class still has its own unique attributes that are suited for that class. Some classes will be proficient with certain types of weapons and armor and will gain a larger attack bonus from them than other classes. Classes level up individually and gain their own upgrades. The grind to level up each one will become easier as they will be more powerful with the extra stats the other classes offer to them. Level up all classes and eventually your character will become legendary.

Grow more powerful
There are many ways to become more powerful and vanquish your foes and levelling is only a part of this. Armor and weapons such as swords will help you grow even more powerful and earn glory. Use the blacksmith to help further improve your epic loot by upgrading pieces of gear to higher qualities such as sacred and divine.

Dragons and Loot
Now where would be the fun in becoming all powerful without having a great challenging foe to vanquish with your new found powers and rewards to come from it. So put yourself to the test and fight the mighty royal dragons where you will be tested to see how much damage you can do in a given duration of time. Take on the role of a medieval champion and take to the arena or enter the dragon lair and fight like a true hero in this dungeon crawler.

Easy Controls
Designed for phones and tablets with a simple tap to move and attack system that makes it easy to slay the many monsters that inhabit this world. These controls make it easier to get immersed in the awesome combat experience within this arpg.

Features include:
● 14 different character classes to choose from
● 100+ different islands to explore in the campaign
● 100+ different types of enemies to encounter
● 100+ different special abilities for your character to use
● 100+ different weapons and armor to gain and use
● Blacksmith for improving items
● Labyrinth to periodically search for chests
● Gold mine with NPCs that will mine resources for you
● The Tower with floors containing puzzles and challenges
● Royal Dragons to defeat to gain dragon eggs to hatch for benefits
● Trophies that give benefits when obtained
● Leaderboards to compare progress with other players
● Online and offline features
● HD graphics
Minor bug fixes.

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