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Hearthstone: Deck Builder 1.2.45

Hearthstone Deck Builder APK is a portable book of spells for Blizzard’s collectable card game of the Hearthstone. With Deck Builder, you can check out all of your cards from the comfort of your Android device as well as create your own decks. You can use Hearthstone Deck Builder APK to search among all of the cards that exist in the video game, using filters to narrow down the results. You could look for just creatures, or just spells, or order the cards according to their cost in mana, or just search for cards belonging to a specific character class.

Hearthstone Deck Builder

In addition to all of the above, you can use Hearthstone: Deck Builder to create your own card decks directly from your Android. Of course, you can’t use those decks in the actual game, but you can use your Android as a reference for organizing your real deck later on. Hearthstone: Deck Builder is an intriguing tool for any frequent player of Hearthstone, since now you can have constant access to a great reference guide for the game.


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File size: 32.97 MB, Free Game by Crystal Soft Design, Updated: Jan 01, 2014

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