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Guide For Metal Slug Android APK

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Version: 1.8

Publish Date: 2019-01-20

Requirement: Android 8.0+

Vote: 3174

APK description:

A guide to arcade games running in the MAME simulator.

“Metal Slug” is the first generation of the action shooting game “Metal Slug” and it is also a classic series of “alloy warheads”. It is very popular with gamers.

The early alloy warheads of 1996 were surprisingly not made by SNK, but by the work of Nazca, an unpopular, unpopular company. Metal warheads (MS1) that used MVS’s powerful functions were nearly perfect at the time of appearance. With four-way jump shots, full range of main gun firepower, large power parabolic bombs and a knife with a very fast speed in close proximity, an all-powerful combat character was born. In addition, the “Metal Slug”, a must-have item for each stage, has all the necessary elements for a star. Everyone who has seen this game is fascinated by this Q-type small tank – nonsense. The tank, which will continue to fall, will simply be infused with life.

Classic style, exciting experience, Come and fight with us!

* We will also bring more classic arcade guides (including game cheats and customs clearance techniques) for everyone to follow. We cannot let the classics be forgotten. So stay tuned!
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