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FreeOTP Authenticator APK – Now FreeOTP Authenticator for Android is available on PlayStore. And this android app is updated into the new version. Download the latest version of FreeOTP Authenticator .APK file

FreeOTP Authenticator Android APK

Download FreeOTP Authenticator Android APK


Version: 1.5

Publish Date: 2016-01-25

Requirement: Android 4.0+

Vote: 1762

APK description:

FreeOTP adds a second layer of security for your online accounts. This works by generating one-time passwords on your mobile devices which can be used in conjunction with your normal password to make your login nearly impossible to hack. These passwords can be generated even when your phone is in airplane mode.

FreeOTP works with many of the great online services you already use, including Google, Facebook, Evernote, GitHub and many more! FreeOTP also may work for your private corporate security if they implement the standardized TOTP or HOTP protocols. This includes great enterprise solutions like FreeIPA.

FreeOTP is open source and free software! Licensed under the Apache 2.0 license, you can obtain the source code for FreeOTP at for review or modification. Contributions are welcome!
Version 1.5 – UI overhaul. Image support (requires internet, storage permissions). Fixes.
Version 1.4 – New menu UI. New TOTP UI. Rename support. Copy/paste support.
Version 1.3 – Native camera/QR code support (requires camera permissions)
Version 1.2 – Return of the progress circle
Version 1.1 – Tablet support

FreeOTP Authenticator Android APK Old Version

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