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FEH Tools(Calc stats,IV,damage) APK – Now FEH Tools(Calc stats,IV,damage) for Android is available on PlayStore. And this android app is updated into the new version. Download the latest version of FEH Tools(Calc stats,IV,damage) .APK file

FEH Tools(Calc stats,IV,damage) Android APK

Download FEH Tools(Calc stats,IV,damage) Android APK


Version: 1.7.59

Publish Date: 2019-04-20

Requirement: Android 4.0.3+

Vote: 137

APK description:

FEH Tools is assist for playing by Fire Emblem Heroes.
FEH Tools lets calculate the characters stats (variation and growth / IV / stats) on the game screen.

Target users are, from newbie to expert.

Target scenes are, when play in everyday, and restart the game until you get rare characters.

This app will make game play comfortable.

It seems that the application scene of the individual value calculation function of this application is limited due to the specification change of the individual value display in the game, but the update stats data will be continued.
Also, since we assume that the damage calculation function still has a usage scene.
I plan to mainly include that when considering adding functions in the future.

・Calculating status. (variation and growth / IV)
・Calculating damage.
・Display on the game screen.
・Minimize the tool window.
・Select display language. (English/Japanese)

I am planning to add new functions in the future.

Please review for FEH Tools, and share the your friends.
It is best support for my development.

If you have ideas of wanted feature, post comment to Google Play, please.
Corresponded to 2 new characters. (Leo/Alm)
Corresponded to 4 new characters. (Flora/Felicia/Lukas/Genny)
Add character data of star 3 from April update of FEH. (Tailtiu/Soleil/Sothe/L’Arachel/Morgan (M)/Nanna/Shigure/Ares/Legault/Libra/Silvia/Silas)
Fix data of Yune.
Corresponded to 5 new characters. (Caineghis/Ranulf/Lethe/Mordecai/Haar)
Corresponded to 1 new characters. (Rutger)

FEH Tools(Calc stats,IV,damage) Android APK Old Version

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