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Fast 6 APK – Now Fast 6 for Android is available on PlayStore. And this android app is updated into the new version. Download the latest version of Fast 6 .APK file

Fast 6 Android APK

Download Fast 6 Android APK


Version: 3.0

Publish Date: 2014-07-02

Requirement: Android 2.2+

Vote: 4436

APK description:

Fast exotic cars and bikes, furious traffic, tuning, long beaches, sand, motorboats – did You ever wanted make this scenario real?

You can realize Your dream with this game! Inspired by a great movie, this game gives You the opportunity to drive fast cars, from ordinary, through muscle to exotic (more cars and events coming soon)!
In this game You can drive on long beach in Miami (more levels and coming soon! – LA, NY, London, Tokyo), collect coins (bonuses like nitro and doubling score coming soon, also 🙂 ) and avoid crashing into another cars. Of course also You have to watch out for pedestrians, because if You hit one, coins are dropping down!
In game You can tuning car engine, that increases maximal speed, brakes – that makes them more efficient and they are overheating less, and nitro that increases car acceleration and maximal speed, for a short moment.
All that for collected coins!

Game features:
+ car tuning (engine, brakes, nitro)
+ 4 cars
+ 1 bike
+ brakes can overheat
+ great graphics
+ in-game music

Coming soon:
+ bonuses on road (nitro, no-traffic and others)
+ powerfull TANK
+more levels
+ more features (engine overheat etc.)

Also, if You wany, You can buy NTI Gold Pack which removes ads and gives 1 000 000 coins and more! Check it out at

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Have a nice, fun day!
New game mode – drag race!
Optimization and improvements.

Fast 6 Android APK Old Version

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