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Casper APK for Android has been updated and the latest version is This app’s name is resemble to a funny ghost cartoon that is famous back in 90s: Casper. This app is not an application which is then locating the ghost around you or makes you able to see the ghost using smart phone. This app is working in role of become the alternative of messaging app that millions of people already use it: SnapChat. This app is little bit more like a trick for you guys running as the third party side and maximize things you do in snap chat as well as reveal many other potentials like a ghost.


This Casper App is famously known for some extra features that it gives to any snapchat users. Start from save and forward snaps which allow you to save media stealthily without letting the sender know you do this as well as forwarding some snaps received to anyone else. The other stuff that we really like about it is the editing features from filters to additional attach facilities (background, stickers etc.) where you can do some garnishment here and there using variety of filters available to work like a pro editor.

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File size: 18.7 MB, Free Game by, Updated: December 22, 2016

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