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Intelligente Suche & Web-Browser - Licht & schneller Motor APK – Jetzt Smart Search & Web-Browser - Licht & fast engine for Android is available on PlayStore. Und diese Android App ist in die neue Version aktualisiert. Download the latest version of Smart Search & Web-Browser - Licht & fast engine .APK file

Intelligente Suche & Web-Browser - Licht & fast engine Android APK

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Version: 2.7

Datum der Veröffentlichung: 2019-02-11

Anforderung: androide 4.0+

Abstimmung: 51113

APK Beschreibung:

Super fast Web browser for Android will help you to get search results from various search engines like Google, Bing and other popular Internet Web services like YouTube, Amazonas, Ebay, and Wikipedia.

Smart Search and fast Web Browser with voice search will help you quickly find the right site, beautiful images, videos and favourite music from the internet.

Download this amazing free app and you will fall in love with it!
Mehr als 1 million downloads and a high rating of the app is a good confirmation of its quality.


+ Rapid launch
+ Rich-featured search box and the ability to do a quick search in many search engines and internet services
+ Advanced features like ad blocking for efficient and fast browsing and sharing content from a Web browser


+ Einfach zu bedienen
+ Autocomplete search queries
+ Voice search
+ Ad-blocking
+ Incognito mode
+ Built-in QR code scanner
+ Night mode with warm filter
+ Home screen widget
+ Easy choice of service for search
+ Visual history for easy access to recently visited websites
+ Search on the page of the browser window
+ Swipe toggle between opened tabs in the browser
+ Collection of shortcuts of popular internet websites includes news, Sport, and social networks
+ Easy managing of the Bookmarks list
+ Smart visual history for fast access to the recently visited websites
+ Readability mode
+ Volume and brightness swipe control in fullscreen video
+ Catalog of Add-ons (PC mode, Translator & others)
+ Interactive page with various widgets:
Inspiring Quotes, Search Trends, App of The Week, Add-ons and others.


If you faced a bug, please write to support@smartsearchapp.com

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Enjoy browsing the Web with this amazing app!
No limit to perfect!
+ Vertical style view of visual history
+ Voice search button while the keyboard is active
+ Search results tab in visual history
+ Access to visual history from the main screen
+ Long tap on trash button to clear all tabs at once
+ Improved performance

p.s. tabs only mode for visual history will be released in the next version

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Send your feedback to support@smartsearchapp.com

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