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Pokenotify – Notifications for Pokemon APK 5.0

PokeNotify APK  is essential app for every Pokemon Master! PokeNotify lets you select the Pokemon GO Pokemon you’re looking for, and be notified automatically on your phone or smartwatch when those Pokemon are near your location.

Currently hunting pokemon are not unusual thing. But unfortunately to get pokemon is not always easy, if we get Pokemon which has low CP (Combat Power) it will be easy to get, but if you meet a pokemon that has high CP it will be very difficult to get and can even run away. If you already have that pokemon it might not be a problem, but if it is a new pokemon which you meet and you don’t have it, it will be a regret.


Currently the Pokemon you encounter will not run again if you use Poke Notify application. This app generates Pokemon location directly in real time when you playing Pokemon GO. So the presence information of Pokemon in the Poke Notify is always accurate and continuously updated. Poke Notify will give you position info of pokemon, you’ll get accurate information about the position of pokemon.

Not only tells where pokemon location in realime and very accurate but also makes it easy to sort. This application will show place and the time you have to catch before the monster disappearing. If you maximize the function of Pokenotify, Pokemon will not be able to escape easily, because you can estimate the time and location coordinates. This app is free for everyone, so we can download and install it for free. No more wandering aimlessly looking for that rare pokemon. This app will help you catch ’em all!

Features of Pokenotify for Pokemon 5.0 Android APK

  • Lets you select Pokemon you’re looking for
  • Notification on your phone or smartwatch when those Pokemon are near your location
  • Alert you to the Pokemon’s presence and also tell you the Pokemon’s exact location

Download Pokenotify – Notifications for Pokemon.apk 5.0 from Cloud storage
File size: 40.9 MB, Free Game by jodoglevy, Updated: August 25, 2016

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