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Fate/Grand Order APK 1.18.0

Fate/Grand Order APK released by Aniplex Inc. which is also the home production of the anime series Fate and the latest version is 1.18.0. The gameplay is quite interesting, especially the battle system and equipment, thus making me who initially did not follow the anime series, keen to try this game. Game background about saving the human race from extinction is predicted to occur in 2016. The player will play as “Master” who control a number of “Servant” to explore the past and uncover the mysteries and origins of these events, save the future of the human race total extinction. Broadly speaking, Fate / Grand Order Android APK using the system, Trading Card Game as the initial basis of this game. Players must collect the strongest card of gacha system and perform leveling the card to reinforce. It might sound generic because almost all mobile games using the same system. But what makes this game interesting is its battle system.


New Features of Fate/Grand Order 1.18.0 APK for Android

  • Optimized command card Battle of easy operation in smartphone!
  • Players continue to unravel the mystery defeat the enemy puppet remembrance we become a master.
  • Or fight in remembrance of preference, a strong fight or battle style in remembrance the player becomes available.

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File size: 55.6 MB, Free Game by Aniplex Inc., Updated: February 9, 2017

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